Market, a carnival for the senses

Hands as a swarm of butterflies, touching, checking, picking, eyes as a rain of crystal drops bouncing on the colourful surface of the market, voices and noises intertwining a funny melody of chaos. Markets...

Soundscapes. Travelling through the voice of the world

The sound has an undeniable ability to excite, to induce aesthetic situations. A music, a familiar voice, a certain sound like the rustling of the sea or the blowing of a storm, clearly show the potential of...

Elders, the living memory of the world

We have no past when we reach a new land, our life out there flows at an unchanging rhythm, a constant present time. Places are like people, we need to know their past in order to understand their present.

Dilated pupil, close up eye

A Night of MDMA in Berlin

He shows me how to do it. A bitter, savoury taste is all I feel. How will it be? We go out of the toilette. The beer is over. I fill the bottle with water. It is the only drink I'll have tonight. I want to keep pure the sensations it is about to...