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How we feel travelling

It is not anxiety of an exotic escape, nor the desire of “necessary” novelties. What travels, when we really travel, is our soul, among other souls. No newer when we go, no further, but deeper. Never different, always higher. The heart is always the same, and the silence, true universal language, is the same everywhere. Travelling it is not necessarily a movement from place to place or something related to the contingency of an action, it is a state of mind and a way to be in the world, distance is a measure of our soul and it is not on a map. Travelling is how we do, not how far we go, and for us it is the melody, the note on which we tune up our days, and as dancing is a way to feel the music, travelling is a way to feel the world.

Editorial line

OTW is a cultural collaborative project and a work of art about travelling, in which the variety of the topics reflect the variety of the values we recognize in the places we travel, beyond a list of things to do and see. Places are not consumption goods and are not only given spaces defined by precise coordinates. They have to do with memory, emotion, desire, an interwoven network of relationships, living history, culture, landscape, nature, humanity, experience, a kaleidoscopic mosaic where hospitality take place, and our art find its reason. With passion, out of schemes, restlessly, we write to inspire, to share, to move the mind, to better understand, to make wider our lives and thoughts, to make art out of travelling.

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