Life as a Carnival. We shooted this pic during the Carnival in Cadiz (Spain). We think express the feeling and the approach of the authors behind On Travel Writing. That days we had one fo the most surprising party we never experienced before


Ladies and gentlemen, the authors are pleased to meet you. We hope everything is fine on the other side of the screen. It is curious, every time we write we know that you, unknown person from an unknown place, are sitting somewhere far away, reading us. We cannnot see nor touch you, yet our words reach your soul to awake emotions. We feel it as stretching hands into the other side of the mirror, or as dancing with a dream.

Power of words, lighter than air, they make distances meaningless and turn the world upside down. Therefore we can write “ the little cat is talking” or “the sky is green” and the impossible becomes true. Not even the most established rules of good manners can resist words. We introduce each other only after a so intimate, passionate meeting as writing and reading is, and we are still delaying the moment…

On Travel Writing is a collaborative project, a polyphonic work of art about traveling. All of the authors come from different countries, with a different story, hair cut, and background, different minds, age, and opinions about what is a good coffee and, most of all, a good story. What we share is the attitude, the way we feel traveling:

It is not the anxiety of an exotic escape, nor the desire of “necessary” novelties. What travels, when we really travel, is our soul, among other souls. No newer when we go, no further, but deeper; never different, always higher. The heart is always the same, as is the silence, the true universal language… (read all)

The authors page will change over the time: somebody will join, somebody will go, leaving behind a trace of words of his passage, the scent of a trip, a memory drifting away.

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I am Gabi, an itinerant traditional music player and storyteller, founder and content writer of OTW.

Leandro Perez Zambullo

A bird took my father, and my mother married a fish. I was born one leg in the air, one in the water was. That day sea and wind pulled so hard, that in two broke my chest. My heart fell in a well, and when I want to know who I am, I have to drink a lot.
I am Leandro, content writer at OTW.

Cameron Sanderson

Australian, musician, bicycle traveller, non-bicycle traveller, teller of high-quality jokes. I wear through sock heels faster than the average person, and sometimes I worry that my strongest writing suit might be facebook event invites.

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