Editorial’s Letter March 2017

OTW finally began its journey on the web after a lunch-test last year. I would thank visitors that gave us a bit of their own time to read our works. This first month we offer a good taste of our editorial line: variety of topics and unusual approach. At first glance OTW could give the impression of messiness. Archaeology, nature, music, history, graffiti, where we are hitting to? This apparently vague direction comply with our idea of travelling: “Places are not consumption goods and are not only given spaces defined by precise coordinates. They have to do with memory, emotion, desire, an interwoven network of relationships, living history, culture, landscape, nature, humanity, experience.” Patiently, month after month, after piling up words, images, sounds, we will sew paths, build bridges, connect distances in a bigger fresco and our idea will show its shape.

The design is still a work in progress, both on a pure aesthetic point of view (we are still working on the logo) and the user interface and the way we organize and structure the content.

We hope that this beginning captivates you and that you will keep with us to see this project express all its potential.

We would like to remember that OTW is a collaborative project released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence. Check our contribution guideline to join the project.



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