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All you need is good health, good health and a new brand pair of shoes to travel all the world. (Ettore Petrolini)

The following articles are a general overview about gear and do not pretend to be exhaustive. We do not focus on specific brands, models, lists of items. We clarify the “logic tools” we use to chose what to bring and why/when/how we use/make some useful items.

We feel we are giving options and opinions: real situations are too wide to be enclosed in a scheme. Your personal experience will decide what/how works with you regardless this pages and their authors. Talk about gear is a way to learn how to travel without.

Obviously there is no chance to consider the authors liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, damages, costs, fun, adventures, meetings, wild animals, extremely aggressive grandmothers, birthday parties and whatever else could happen to you, to your soul and your mind result from the content of this web pages. Be aware, travelling is an addiction activity.

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