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Amanda and Maria dancing at the fair of April

Portrait of Sevilla through the eyes of a lover

Nothing here is as it looks. Beautiful, unexpected, warm, Sevilla seduces. She gives to the will a sweet dumbness, a slow fall into a permissive mood, nothing is important but here and now, tomorrow shall never come, logic is one more illusion, forbid is a way to refine pleasures, let yourself be, we live waiting to be seduced.

The streets of the city has been shaped to get lost, to hide, to yield to the temptation of leaving the established direction. They snake one into the other, hiding and unveiling a constant offer of new ways to please the senses through the beauty of the landscape. It is easy to forget, easy to loose the direction, easy linger on the illusion of a neverending present, nothing is important but here and now, tomorrow shall never come.

People is leaded by the feeling of a moment, they have an inconstant ever changing mood. Ambiguity is the lord of a restless social game that makes personal relationships a softer ground where to step carefully. Truth has no value here, gestures and words are instruments to make art out of the daily life. We are allowed to do everything but in the shadow, smile and hide and be the smartest, freedom has no value if you don’t know chains. The higher moment of the emotion is the imagination, when the desire is perfect, pure, not fulfilled yet, free to grow till the edge of madness to suddenly step back, just before to be fully pleased, but the game has to start again. Desire ends only whit satisfaction. Friendship and love are form of desire: approach people here is like grabbing a wave.

Deep, complex, contrasting, simply different, full of memories and thirsty of future, Sevilla is an exotic labyrinth on the southern edge of Europe, a place to imagine pleasures finer than reality, to be surprised, to leave the certainty and test yourself.


I am Gabi, an itinerant traditional music player and storyteller, founder and content writer of OTW.

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