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Triennale Design Museum by Pasquale Formisano

Triennale Design Museum, the everchanging home-land of design in Milan

Opened in 2007 the Triennale Design Museum (TDM) was promoted by the “Triennale di Milano” an international design exhibition that takes place every three years in Milan. The TDM was created to enhance, preserve, illustrate, and explain Italian design.


Opened in 2007 the Triennale Design Museum (TDM) was promoted by the “Triennale di Milano” an international  design exhibition that takes place every three years in Milan. The TDM was created to enhance, preserve, illustrate, and explain Italian design.

Triennale Design Museum does not only showcase object, it analyses concepts, people, companies, and ideas that made the history of Italian Design. Differently from others museums that display a fixed collection Triennale Design Museum changes exhibitions on a one-year basis. The Triennale Design Museum is located in the Palazzo d’Arte, a building of fascinating stories, designed in 1935 by the architect Giovanni Muzio, the main representative of the art movement “Novecento”.

The Museum was created with the aim to show what Italian design is, not only from a technical and aesthetic point of view but also by focusing on the historical, social, and human values that created it. The products are presented together with people, companies, and values who made the Italian design style.

The installations are always associated with the company’s history and detailed info about the designers’ concept and philosophy. The museum also aims to stimulate the visitor to put him self into the shoes of the designers to experience on him self the process that convert the idea into a daily life object.

The relationship between person and design is continuously present in the “concept” of the museum. A special attention is dedicated to the constant relationship between social, economic, historian, and cultural contest and the object exposed, and the eternal dialogue between art, design, and functionality.

Triennale Design Museum directly supports and promotes some company museums, public and private collections, such as the Studio Museum Achille Castiglioni. The Museum focuses on the exposition of few objects deeply analysed rather than many at a time. This is the reason why the museum changes every year. Every new edition faces a new theme and new concepts.

The Museum has a rich calendar of event, conferences, showcase, meeting, concerts, and master-classes that make of it an international recognized point of reference of the design.

9° ed. (till 19 Feb 2017)
W. Women in Italian Design (Handled by Silvana Annicchiarico). It focuses on Italian female designers with a special attention to the change of mentality that moves the differences between gender on a cultural ground rather than a mere biologic scheme.
8° ed.
Kitchens and Body Snatchers (Handled by Germano Celant) tells us the story that leaded kitchenwares to become machines and robots…
7° ed.
The Italian design beyond the crisis (Handled by Beppe Finessi) is an analysis of the design of the 30′ from an unusual point of view.
6° ed.
La Sindrome dell’Influenza (Handled by Pierluigi Nicolin) shows the ability of the Italian design to absorb other languages and cultures to re-invent itself.
5° ed.
Italian graphic (Handled by Mario Piazza, Giorgio Camuffo, Carlo Vinti) is a passionate analysis of the Graphic, a discipline often considered “minor”, to give it back to its autonomy.
4° ed.
Dream’s factory (Handled by Alberto Alessi). It works backwards through the history of Italian design enhancing the importance of the businessmen.
3° ed.
Which things we are (Handled by Alessandro Mendini). It proposes a radical changing of view of the canonic boundaries of the design.
2° ed.
“Serie e fuori serie” (Handled by Andrea Branzi). Focus on the relationship between mass production and “artistic” objects.
1° ed.
The seven obsessions of the Italian design. (Handled by Andrea Branzi). It questions about the recurring obsession of the Italian Design to find its roots back to the periods before the 20th century.

Info and address: Palazzo della Triennale, Viale Alemagna 6 – 20121 Milano (Italy)
METRO Line 1 and 2, stop “Cadorna-Triennale”
AUTOBUS Line 61, stop at “Triennale”
BIKEMI (Public bike rental service) Station number 33
OPENING TIME: Monday closed. From Tuesday to Sunday 10.30 – 20.30. Ticket office closed one hour before the exposition.

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